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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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Review Us

"The delivery part has been a life saver! Everyone has been very cordial when I have called!"



"They are wonderful at getting my prescriptions on time!"

"The owners are amazing and very customer service oriented."

"Dave and Blanche, of course!"

"Hometown service. Friendly folks!"

"Delivery and friendliness"

"Dave and staff. Very hometown like atmosphere!"

"Nice friendly staff and delivery"

"Fast and friendly service. Always has the meds for my family."


"The one on one direct customer service."

"Very personable staff and efficient."

"Dave's friendliness and his compassion to check up on patients!"

"It's local and the Pharmacist is someone I trust"

"Friendly staff"

"The way they go above and beyond to make all of us customers happy!! Dave spends many after hours to make the business run so very smooth, along with time away from his family, to make everything so wonderful!!!"

"You are just good at what you do!!"

"Fast and very friendly service. Sure beats waiting in line!"

"The personal care, experience, and great customer service"

"Everyone is very friendly, always has a smile, and says thank you. So much better than where I was doing my pharmacy business last!"

"Convenient location"

"Always very helpful"

"I feel confident that all my prescriptions are filled right and reviewed by the pharmacist. I like that Dave calls me personally to discuss side effects or cost. I know he is really busy, but he still takes the time to do things like that."

"They're all so friendly & always can answer a lot of questions. Also, I like this app because I forgot to call and refill my script, and I didn't even notice until tonight, so I had to use it, and it was fast & easy!"

"Best customer service ever!"


"Friendliness and speedy delivery"

"You guys are always personable and on top of it! I also greatly appreciate the biodegradable bottles! As someone who has taken meds all my life, I feel so bad about how many plastic bottles I was throwing away annually."

"Everyone is always very friendly and helpful, no matter what is going on. Dave will actually take time to call you back, no matter what time, to answer your questions or concerns. It's nice having such a caring group of people working together."


"I love the consistent staff. It's not always new people and pharmacists inside, learning a new system. A lot of the other local pharmacies rotate through employees faster than I'm going through my prescriptions!"

"Kindness and professionalism."


"The friendly service in making sure you understand the medicine."

"Personalized service!"

You can help Dave's Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Facebook or Google and Yelp (Hemingford) or Google and Yelp (Alliance)- thank you!