Clinical Testing

Strep Testing

Strep and Influenza Testing

Do you have symptoms of the flu or strep but no time to go to the doctor? We offer rapid flu and strep tests.

Whenever you feel like you have the flu or strep, we can be your one-stop shop. Our highly qualified pharmacists can evaluate you, perform the strep or flu test and make sure you get the right medications.

Speak to one of our staff members for more information on our flu and strep testing.

Cholesterol and A1C Testing

At Dave's Pharmacy, our pharmacists can test your Cholesterol or A1C giving you quick results. Just call ahead, no formal appointment necessary. We then communicate your results to your physician so they can update your files and renew prescriptions as needed.

INR Testing

On Warfarin? We can test your INR for you! No appointment necessary. Our pharmacists will send your results to your physician so your Warfarin script can be kept up to date. Hassle free!